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Office Cleaning Service 

The feel and appearance of your office can have an impact on the success of your business. Little things often make a big impression. So, why not impress your clients and business partners with clean, fresh premises? Our office cleaning services will have the place looking like new in no time!

You certainly won’t be giving your employees a chance to lay bets on how long those cobwebs will hang in the corner or, worse still, that cockroach will sit behind the pot plant!

Office cleaning services by experts
We bring a high level of expertise and  industry knowledge  to our office cleaning services. You can always expect a thorough, professional clean that doesn’t miss a single detail, no matter how small.

We’re 100% aware of the sensitivities of every working environment. We won’t change a thing and, if we do need to touch objects to clean beneath or around them, we’ll return them to their rightful spots. Rest your mind easy: you’ll return to the “ordered chaos” that you left behind!

Cleaning that's tailor made for you
Everyone is unique and we tailor our services accordingly. Is it only your bathroom that needs regular cleaning or do you wish someone would give the entire house a good once-over weekly? Do have any extras that need taking care of, such as windows or carpets? Simply let us know. There’s absolutely no pressure to sign up to any more cleaning than you want.

Professionals, carers, retirees and families
Among our clients, we have all kinds of people. On one hand, there are hard-working professionals, who are too occupied with meeting deadlines and attending meetings to spend time on their office cleaning. On the other, there are families, whose lives are filled with school, homework, sporting matches and music lessons. Then there are carers, who put so much time and energy into looking after other people, that they don’t have much left over for sweeping and scrubbing; and retirees, who experience restricted movement or physical limitations that make cleaning painful, if not downright impossible.It doesn’t matter what’s keeping you busy, Tidy Tones regular house cleaning service is here for you. Take your mind off dust, grease and grime and focus on what matters.

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